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Problems With Testosterone Treatments

A 2013 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) article reported that testosterone therapy increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death. The study included 9,000 male coronary angiography survivors with low testosterone. 15% began testosterone therapy and 26% suffered a heart attack or stroke or died within 3 years. Researchers compared the 26% to the group not taking testosterone therapy and concluded that men on testosterone medications risk a 30% higher chance of serious, potentially deadly heart issues.

In early 2014, the FDA announced that it is evaluating the risk of stroke, heart attack and death from testosterone products. The FDA issued a safety alert stating that it would reassess the safety of testosterone therapy products. The FDA also considered a study that showed testosterone therapy for men over 65 doubled their risk of heart attack and tripled the risk of cardio events for men under 65 with pre-existing heat disease.

AbbVie, Inc., the manufacturer of AndroGel, a heavily marketed testosterone supplement, issued a statement in response to a study, acknowledging their product could cause serious problems for people who have heart, kidney or lung disease.

Men across the U.S. are being urged by aggressive marketing to seek treatment not only for symptoms of “Low T,” but also low energy, sagging muscles, decreased libido, mood changes, and emotional issues. Testosterone is a steroid sex hormone that the body produces naturally through a complex biochemical process. Men receiving unecessary testosterone treaments may be exposed to potentially severe cardiovascular and metabolic problems, including plaque buildup leading to artery blockages, high cholesterol, diabetes and increased risk of cancer especially prostate cancer.

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