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Testosterone Treatment Facts:

  • Secondary exposure to testosterone can occur with the use of testosterone gel in men. The FDA placed a black box warning about the risks of AndroGel 1% exposure to women and children.
  • Many doctors are prescribing testosterone to men to combat the natural decline in testosterone as they age. It allegedly improves sex drive, strengthen bone density and build muscle mass. This off label use of the drug by doctors is worrisome and not subject to FDA review.
  • Prescriptions for low testosterone (or Low-T) therapy have more than doubled since 2006.
  • Men with preexisting heart conditions were 30 percent more likely to suffer a stroke, heart attack or die compared to healthy men who didn’t take testosterone supplements.
  • Testosterone is a steroid sex hormone that the body produces naturally through a complex biochemical process.
  • The FDA has not approved any of the testosterone products for men with low testosterone who do not have an associated medical condition.
  • Testosterone therapy is administered as a gel, patch or injection.
  • Nearly 25% of patients never even had their testosterone levels checked before beginning Low-T therapy.
  • Estimates say 13.8 million American men now experience the effects of lowered testosterone levels.
  • Men receiving unecessary testosterone treaments may be exposed to potentially severe cardiovascular and metabolic problems, including plaque buildup leading to artery blockages, high cholesterol, diabetes and increased risk of cancer especially prostate cancer.


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